Concepts Covered in this Workshop:

🔰 Concept and importance of space complexity

🔰 What is Dynamic Programming

🔰 Multi stage decision process

🔰 Principle of Optimatlity

🔰 Overlapping structure problem

🔰 Backward induction

🔰 Optimal substructure

🔰 Algorithm

🔰 Time complexity and it’s effects

🔰 Memory profiler

🔰 Top down…



Topics Covered during the workshop…

🔰 CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

🔰 Key Resources for CRM Module

🔰 How to use Salesforce

🔰 Creation of Customized Webapp

🔰 Tab, Utilities, Roles from salesforce

🔰 Heroku

🔰 Lightning App Builder

🔰 Trailblazer App

🔰 Marketing Cloud Basics

🔰 Customer Success Platform

And many more features and aspects related to salesforce have been discussed with better understanding. Thank you LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd for such informative sessions.



Vamsi Mathala

Vamsi Mathala

CSE undergraduate, highly interested to work on industry technologies.